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Idaho Wheat Transportation Characteristics

Rails. Rivers. Roads. Each form of transportation serves as a cornerstone to help keep Idaho wheat growers competitive in domestic and world markets.

Geography plays a major role in delivering market destinations.  Due to Idaho’s geography and diverse growing conditions, demand for wheat may come from a doodle maker in Japan or a flour miller in Utah, a flatbread baker in Yemen or a cereal maker in Iowa.

Today, approximately 51% of the state’s wheat will move to export markets and a little less than half will be utilized here in the U.S.  Overall, railroads move 36% of Idaho’s wheat to market, barges deliver approximately 35% to coastal areas and 29% is trucked directly to end users.

This broad demand for Idaho wheat underscores the importance of having a diverse and dependable transportation system. 

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016
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Growers’ help needed to improve crop insurance
Sprout damage from heavy rains in southern and eastern Idaho at the end of the 2014 growing season made evident the inadequacy of current crop insurance for wheat growers, which is based on yields and not quality.

USDA’s Risk Management Agency has expressed a willingness to make changes to the quality standard for wheat by addressing the low falling number scale, but the agency wants to address the issue nationwide and needs strong data to support any changes.
Growers can assist the effort by providing multiple years of settlement data, at least the last six years but preferable the last 10 to 12.

RMA does not need and would prefer not to receive growers’ names, addresses and tax ID numbers.

The data must contain: the year; county and state where the crop was grown (not sold/delivered); quality of production; gross price received; net payment (gross less any dockage, but not considering any storage or shipping fees); test weight; and protein.

In addition, the agency needs at least one of the following: DON/VOM; falling number; or other quality spec of interest.
Growers are asked to send info to Blaine Jacobson at blaine@idahowheat.org.