Jerry Brown, Soda Springs, was the recipient of the Idaho Wheat Commission’s (IWC) 2017 Distinguished Service Award. The Distinguished Service Award is presented each year to an individual in Idaho whose outstanding contributions to the wheat industry deserve special recognition. Jerry is a valued friend of Idaho’s wheat industry, and has committed countless hours to advancing Idaho’s wheat industry.

Jerry began his involvement with the Caribou County Grain Growers nearly 15 years ago. Like many of us, getting involved with our county grain growers group is often the catalyst for further involvement in Idaho’s grain industry. Jerry’s participation in the Caribou County Grain Growers opened the door for Jerry to become the commissioner representing District Five in IWC leadership. For the past eight years, Jerry has been serving as a commissioner for IWC. Jerry was first appointed to Commission leadership in 2009 by Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter, and takes his volunteer position very seriously.

Jerry is always eager to learn new things about the industry and wants to share his knowledge with other grain producers. While an IWC Commissioner, Jerry has utilized his tax experience as a Certified Public Accountant by conducting tax webinars for Idaho growers, and serving as a financial oversight for IWC. Jerry also serves on the U.S. Wheat Associates board of directors, the Wheat Foods Council’s board of directors, and is involved with IGPA’s congressional, legislative, tax, and transportation committees. He is still actively involved with the Caribou County Grain Growers, as well as the Bear River Water District 11. Jerry is also a board member of the Caribou Memorial Hospital.

Jerry has logged countless hours traveling as a spokesman for the Idaho wheat industry, and has spent time promoting Pacific Northwest (PNW) wheat domestically and abroad. Jerry traveled to Asia last fall on a U.S. Wheat Crop Quality tour, where he reported to customers overseas on the quality of this year’s PNW wheat crop. Jerry is an exceptional spokesman and advocate for Idaho wheat growers, and has established relationships with large milling companies both domestically and internationally. Jerry owns and operates a 5,000 acre dry land and irrigated farm in the southeastern corner of Idaho where he raises hard red winter wheat, hard white wheat, hard red spring wheat, and soft white wheat. The Brown family has been farming this land for more than 80 years.

Jerry began working on the family farm at the age of ten. He earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting from Utah State University and is a Certified Public Accountant. Jerry and his wife, Robyn, have six children. When not working on the farm or preparing taxes Jerry, Robyn, and their family enjoy camping, fishing, backpacking, and any other activity that allows them to spend time together.