Clark Hamilton

District 4


About Clark:

Clark operates a diverse 6,000 acre family farm in the Bonneville County area primarily producing wheat, barley, potatoes, alfalfa and peas.  Over thirty years ago, he joined his father and other family members in running the operation.

Hamilton spent the past five years serving and representing Idaho wheat and barley farmers as a District Four executive officer of the Idaho Grain Producers Association (IGPA). While serving in that role, he became very familiar with the local, state and national issues impacting agriculture and particularly wheat.

Clark holds a bachelor’s degree in plant science and a minor in biology from Utah State University.  He and his wife Kristi have been married for nearly 30 years. They have four children and one grandchild.  When not farming, Clark enjoys flying, taking road trips on his motorcycle and snowmobiling.

District #4 Counties

Custer, Butte, Jefferson, Bingham, Bonneville, Madison, Teton, Fremont and Clark

Contact Info:

  • Phone: (208) 390-2675
  • Email: